Best Racquetball Racquet Under 100
Best Racquetball Racquet Under 100

Hey! Want to have gameplay of racquetball.

Which is energetic, flexible as well as now affordable also. Racquetball racquet is a game that can be played by beginners, intermediates as well as professional players. Racquetball racquet is a professional type of game in which the use of suitable and accurate racquet is very important and it also plays a very vital role in the gameplay of racquetball.

Many people face problems in selecting an accurate racquet that will reflect their style of play and style of game.  There are many possibilities of selecting a powerful racquet that will have accurate strength and force to shot a racquetball. The very first problem which anyone can have is of cost as racquetball racquet is costlier.

So, don’t worry folks in this article I will tell you about the 10 best racquetball racquet under $100 which will suit your pocket as well as your style of game.

So, let’s get started.

Here’s is a list of

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10 Best Racquetball Racquet Under $100

Here is the detailed review of the best racquetball racquet under $100. These are the best racquetball racquet which falls in this category. They are hand-picked by me and provide you the best one to enjoy playing this beautiful game.

Let’s Start now.

Racquetball Racquets under $100Best FeaturesPrice
HEAD Ti.175 XL Racquetball RacquetGreat Power & ControlCheck Price
E-Force Chaos Racquetball RacquetContains Sweet SpotCheck Price
HEAD i.165 Racquetball RacquetLight Weight and AffordableCheck Price
E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball RacquetNo Stiffness and VibrationsCheck Price
HEAD Extreme Edge 175 Racquet (with Innegra)Powerful, Good ControlCheck Price
HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack, Strung, 3 5/8 Inch GripLarge Sweet Spot, Excellent GripCheck Price
Gearbox GB-50 Racquetball RacketSweet Spot Area, SolidCheck Price
Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet SeriesGood Grip, Light in Weight, DurableCheck Price
Wilson Striker Racquetball RacquetLight in Weight, Great PowerCheck Price
HEAD Nano It. Demon Racquetball RacquetGood Control and GripCheck Price

#1. HEAD Ti.175 XL Racquetball Racquet

Head is a well-reputed brand for not only racquetball racquet but also other sports equipment also. HEAD Ti.175 XL racquetball racquet features the PowerZone system, which allows maximum string elasticity for a trampoline effect. This technology offers you increased power on your hits.

 HEAD Ti.175 XL Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

  • Weight unstrung:175g
  • Titanium/graphite composite
  • 103 sq. in head size
  • 21 3/4 – in length
  • Softac grip

Pros & Cons

Light WeightVery Cheap Material Used
Great Power and ControlThe Plastic That Covers Frame is Weak

#2. E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

E force is also a well-reputed brand in making racquetball racquets.  E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet delivers a big blast for a great price. The 22″ Long string design with 10.5″ Cross Strings and Monster String Holes maximizes string bed deflection, imparting more power to your swing. Graphite fibers in the frame control flexibility and add more power, while Zero Richter Tubes reduce vibration in the handle.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

  • 22 Long string: Eight center mains extended in free space from the head of the frame through the handle for increased string bed deflection and power.
  • Zero Richter tubes: Main strings are enclosed in 84″ of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in the handle.
  • Bypass stringing system: Main strings skip every two holes, so the ball does not strike two main strings at once; provides power and livelier ball response.
  • 10.5” Cross Strings: Anchored at outside edges of the frame and extending in free space through Monster String Holes for more string bed deflection and power.
  • Monster String Holes: Extra-large 2.54 cm² holes allow both main and cross strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame for more string bed deflection and power.

Pros & Cons

Good PowerLil Bit Heavy
Good ControlLil Bit of Vibration
Contains Sweet Spot

#3. HEAD i.165 Racquetball Racquet

HEAD is a well-reputed brand in terms of racquets. however, this racquet HEAD i.165 is usually recommended for old players. It contains fiberglass and is imported Showcasing revolutionary Intellifiber technology, the i.165 racquetball racquet from Head is specially designed to reduce bending at ball impact, transforming the ball’s energy into a response that stiffens the racquet for explosive power.

HEAD i.165 Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

  • Head size is 103 sq. In
  • Weight is 165 g
  • Length is 22 in
  • Grip size is 3-5/8 in
  • The string pattern is 16/19

Pros & Cons

Excellent GripDoesn’t come with Case or Cover
Light Weight
Sweet Spot

#4. E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet

E force is the well-reputed brand for racquetball racquets. E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite is a Racquetball Racquet made to replace the classic racquet by updating the design and technology and as a result allowing for better control and play. Weight: 170 grams Length: 22 inches String Pattern: 14 X 22 Size: SS 96601.

E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

• Zero ritcher tubes: String vibration is reduced.
• Total carbon head: Add stiffness and durability.
• Tri- carbon frame – Increased stiffness.
• Weight: 170g unstrung.
• Factory grip: E-force Resin Black.

Pros & Cons

DurableFrame is weak
Good Control

#5. HEAD Extreme Edge 175 Racquetball Racquet (with Innegra)

Head is a well reputed company and a very famous brand of racquets due to its strength and flexibility. HEAD extreme edge 175 racquet comes with Innegra.

HEAD Extreme Edge 175 Racquet (with Innegra)
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Key Features

  • HEAD Size 107 in
  • Weight 175gm
  • Balance 275mm

Pros & Cons

PowerfulStrings Are Little Weak
Good ControlCover Not Included
Good Balance

#6. HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack, Strung, 3 5/8 Inch Grip

Head is well reputed sports brand whereas this HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball racquet is everything you need to get started at an incredible value! don’t let the low price fool you; the MX Hurricane pack features a frame with metallic technology, two Penn Ultra-Blue racquetballs which are the best-selling racquetballs in the sport, HEAD #1 selling Impulse protective eyewear, and a free franc Davis – building your racquetball dream house DVD offer.

HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack, Strung, 3 5/8 Inch Grip
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Key Features

• HEAD size 107 inch
• Weight 190 gm
• Balance 270mm
• Grip size 3 5/8 inch

Pros & Cons

Includes Pair of Balls and GlassesNot suitable for Professional Players
Excellent Grip
Good Control

#7. Gearbox GB-50 Racquetball Racket

Gearbox GB-50 Racquetball Racket is an excellent racquet with 7000 grade aluminum, power string pattern, comfortable 3-5/8” handle, quadra/teardrop Hybrid frame which comes with a wrist strap having a sweet spot with excellent grip. having nice quality, lighter in weight. Having specifications. The Ultimate Starter Racquet. Weight: 190g unstrung Handle Size 3 5/8 String: Gearbox 16g Monofilament. And Gearbox GB-50 is a comfortable racquet with sweet spot, and excellent grip.

Gearbox GB-50 Racquetball Racket
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Key Features

• Durable
• 7000 series Aluminum

Pros & Cons

Excellent QualityBit heavy
ComfortableCover Not Provided
Sweet Spot Area

#8. Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series

Python intro 5000 racquetball racquet series is a series with perfect Racquet for any beginner trying out the sport. Python intro 5000 racquetball racquet series comes with the price range of from 50$ to more than 100$.which will have good value and durability comes with a brand designed by python Racquetball is the best racquet for beginners which comes with 3 5/8” grip but not provided with a cover.

Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series
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Key Features

• Durable
• Excellent quality

Pros & Cons

Amazing valueStrings Are Weak
DurableNot Provided With Cover & Wrist Wrap
Comfortable Grip

#9. Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

Wilson is well reputed sports company who have produced everything or every item at its excellence. Wilson is not only well reputed sports brand but also a true brand for sports and it not only produces racquets but also gym wears, shoes and lot more. So, if we talk about Wilson Racquetball Racket this racquet contains V matrix frame which provides extra strength, extra string bed and great power. V-Matrix frame allows for extra string bed movement and greater power. V-Matrix cross section for added stiffness providing more power and strength. Ideal for recreational level racquetball. Wilson is the Official racquet of USA Racquetball. V-Matrix cross section for added stiffness providing more power and strength. Wilson racquetball racquet are available in two sizes 2pack and 3 5/8.

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

• Balanced: Head Heavy
• Frame Shape: Tear Drop

Pros & Cons

Light In WeightNot Durable
Strong Power
Excellent Quality

#10. HEAD Nano Ti. Demon Racquetball Racquet

The Head Nano Ti. Demon racquetball racquet brings you a lightweight Nano titanium, I-Beam alloy construction with a SofTac grip Head is well reputed company of racquetball and is considered one of the best of best brands in terms of racquetball.

Key Features

• Head Size: 106.5 sq.in
• Weight: 215 gm
• Balance: 270mm
• Length:22 inch
• Grip size: 3 5/8

Pros & Cons

BalancedMaterial Used Is Quite Weak
Good Control
It Offers Good Pop On The Ball


So here, is a list of the 10 best Racquetball racquets under $100 with all the details so that you can choose the best and affordable racquet for you and your loved ones as anyone can now afford racquetball racquet gameplay and experience a new energetic game.


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