How To Replace The E-Force Racquetball Racquet Butt Cap? {5 Easy Steps}

How To Replace The E-Force Racquetball Racquet Butt Cap?
How To Replace The E-Force Racquetball Racquet Butt Cap?

The butt cap is not only there to protect the butt of the racquet from wear and tear, but it also has a major role in how you play your game. It determines the shape and weight distribution of your racquet and can have a big impact on your grip. If you’re in need of a replacement, try out this DIY guide to take care of it yourself!

Steps To Replace The E-Force Racquetball Racquet Butt Cap

  1. First, lift the rubber bumper from the top of your racquet with your thumb and index finger. The rubber bumpers are usually glued to the frame, so you might need a pair of tweezers to help pry it loose and keep it out of your way as you work on this project.
  2. Next, change your strings before you start this project. It’s also a good idea to change your strings once in a while anyway because it helps loosen up the glue from the rubber bumpers so they will come off more easily later.
  3. You’ll need to remove the butt cap by removing the old glue that is holding it in place before you can get started on your DIY project. Lift the cap gently with your tweezers and set it aside. Then, apply a thin layer of glue on the frame where you just removed it from using rubbing alcohol.
  4. Let the alcohol evaporate completely before moving on to the next step because you’ll need to move quickly when gluing down your new racquetball cap.
  5. Let your racquetball cap sit for twenty-four hours before playing with it to give all that fresh glue time to dry. Also, take note of any additional weight or balance changes you feel after you’ve added your new cap. The only thing left to do now shakes hands with yourself for a job well done!

Just A Quick Reminder

Racquetball butt caps are only available for specific weights and shapes. If you don’t know the exact measurement of your cap, go back and review step one to take note of the original weight and shape on your shaft before it was damaged. Once you have all this information handy, check out our chart to find the exact fit you need. Then, pick out a new one just like it and make sure to glue it on as soon as possible!

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We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing the photos of you playing with a new e-force racquetball racquet butt cap. What’s the perfect way for you to replace an old or damaged one? Let us know!


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