How To Replace Racquetball Grip? Complete Guide December 2021

How To Replace Racquetball Grip

Do you know how to replace a racquetball grip?

It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

In this blog post, I will show you the steps that are involved in replacing your old grip with a new one!

You’ll be playing like a pro in no time!

Let’s get started.

If you want to be able to play for a longer period of time, with less pain in your wrist, fingers, and hand then this is definitely something worth exploring. The grips are designed to make it easier on you by alleviating some of the pressure points that might cause problems with your game. Because of that, grips can last longer than you might expect.

Typically it is recommended that you replace your grip if there are any signs of sweat or excessive wear and tear on the product. If you do replace your grip, make sure to use a proper grip solution designed for this purpose. Using generic products from the local grocery store will only lead to problems down the road.

Don’t get stuck with a sweaty grip that deteriorates your gameplay. Here are some tips on how to replace your racquetball grip:

  1. Use a towel or rag to wipe off any excess sweat or grime from the old grip.  Make sure not to use any abrasive soap or cleaner that could wear down the grip.
  2. Shake out any excess water from the old grip after you have wiped it clean.
  3. Try to get a nice, smooth surface on the new grip, although some small bumps are okay since they will be covered by your hand anyway.
  4. Once your new grip is on your racquet, use some wristbands to hold it in place.  If you do not have access to wristbands, tie a spare shoelace around the handle of your racquet and loop it through itself.
  5. Make sure to dry off any excess moisture on the grip before using it for play.
  6. Use a proper grip solution to condition your new grip and make it last as long as possible.

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Some people replace the grip with a tennis or squash racquetball. This will help you get more spin and power on your shots without having to change anything about how you hold your racquet. If this sounds like it might be something that would work for you, we recommend finding one of these grips online and giving them a try!


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