How To Hold A Racquetball Racquet? {Complete Guide}

How To Hold A Racquetball Racquet

If you’re new to racquetball, it can be difficult to find the right grip on your racquet. The best way to hold a racquet is with an Eastern Grip. With this grip, the index finger will go through the hole in the middle of the handle and wrap around one side of it.  To make sure you have this correct, try holding your dominant hand out while keeping your fingers together and then place your other hand over that hand’s fingers so they are interlaced.

This is what an Eastern Grip should feel like – if not use whichever grip feels most natural for you! Racquetball players often switch between grips during play depending on their strategy or what shots they need to execute at any given time.

For a backhand shot, a player may pull the racquet from underneath his body, or for more advanced players, push it up – whichever action is closest to doing the reverse on that side of the body.

How To Hold A Racquetball Racquet In A Proper Way?

The grip on a racquetball racquet should be firm, but not too tight. The head of the racquet should touch the ground before it passes over your fingers when you are holding the handle. This positioning will reduce the risk of injury in your wrists and hands.

In a way, it is similar to how you hold a pencil. The fingers are outstretched and the thumbs should be placed on top of your index fingers.

Racquetball racquets also need to be strung properly with playable strings that will not snap under normal use or generate too much spin when stroking the ball. Strings on a racquetball racquet should not be too loose or too tight. The strings should also be strong enough to withstand the ball’s impact without snapping immediately after each hit.

The grip on your racquetball racquet is essential for your safety and comfort while playing the sport since it will determine how you hold the racquet, how firmly you hold the racquet, and how you move your racquet to hit the ball.


Racquetball is a ball game that combines the speed and agility of squash with the power and endurance of tennis. The racquets are long, hollow tubes used to strike a rubber ball over an often low net line. If you want to improve your racquetball skills then it’s important for you to know how to hold your racquet correctly.


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