4 Best E-Force Racquetball Racquet Reviews January 2022

E-Force Racquetball Racquet
E-Force Racquetball Racquet

Racquetball is a high-energy sport that has been around for a long time and continues to be popular. It’s an excellent way to burn calories and get your heart rate up, and it can also serve as good exercise for the entire body. There are many different types of racquetballs on the market, but you want one that will help you play better by giving you more power.

In the world of racquetball, E-Force is a popular brand that has been steadily producing quality racquets for years. For many, these are their go-to racquets. But which product should you buy? That’s where this article comes in! In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing 5 different E Force products and giving our opinion on what makes them good or bad.

5 Best E-Force Racquetball Racquet Reviews

Racquetball is a fast-paced, competitive racquet sport that is played on a rectangular court by two opposing players or teams of two. This sport has recently become increasingly popular among people looking for a fun and competitive activity to do on the weekends. In order to save you time and money, we have compiled a list of the 5 Best E Force Racquetball Racquets out there so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Let’s start with the best ones.

#1. E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet features a new weight balance system, which has been designed to give it a more stable swing and allow for more power on contact with the ball. The weight balance of this racquet is closer to the head than most other racquets, resulting in a racquet that swings quicker and stays on target.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

22″ Long string: Eight strings go from the top of the frame to the bottom of the handle. This will make it easier for you to hit and play with more power.

Zero Richter Tubes: The strings in the violin are enclosed in tubes that make it less noisy. The tubes are hidden inside the handle of the racquet.

Bypass Stringing System: Main strings skip every two holes on the racket. So when the ball hits, it doesn’t hit two main strings at the same time. This gives a more powerful and lively response from the ball hitting.

10.5″ Cross Strings: The strings are anchored at the edges of the frame and they extend out through holes in the string bed. This will make it easier to pull on the strings and make them more powerful.

Monster String Holes: Extra-large 2.54 cm² holes allow the strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame. This will make your strings more powerful and give them more room to move around in.

#2. E-Force Bedlam 170 Lite

How you often find yourself wanting to get into shape and make healthier choices. But before you can do that, you need the right equipment! The E-Force Bedlam 170 lite cross trainer is for those who want a low-impact workout with tons of power and stability thanks to its ultra-compact frame.

E-Force Bedlam 170 lite
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Key Features

Zero Richter Tubes X2 – The E Force Bedlam 170 Lite racquetball racquet is the first and only one in the world to feature Zero Richter Tubes. It has more power, it’s easier to control and it feels better than other racquets.

Power Boosters – This product absorbs vibrations from the frame of your tennis racket and makes it faster. This means you can do more powerful shots.

LaunchPad Technology – LaunchPad Technology makes it possible to hit shots that are not possible on other racquets. It also helps prevent wrist injuries because it absorbs the impact of the ball when you hit it off-center.

By-Pass Stringing – This racquet has a special way of stringing it. It helps you hit the ball better. You can do more things with this racquet because of the way it is strung.

#3. E-Force Apocalypse 160/170/175/190 Gram Racquetball Racquet Series -3 5/8″ Grip

E-Force Apocalypse Series is perfect for any player looking to step their game up. The racquets in this series are built with the best materials and engineering to ensure that they never fail you out on the court. Check out our review of these racquets below and see which one might be right for you!

E-Force Apocalypse Series
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Key Features

Brand: E-Force

Grip Size: The length is 3 5/8 inches.

Sport Type: Racquetball

Item Weight: 0.6 Pounds

#4. E-Force Bedlam X 150 Racquetball Racquet

E-Force Bedlam X 150 is a racquetball racquet that offers two great benefits. Firstly, it has been designed with a new head shape to improve ball control and response. Secondly, this racquet features a “Powerband”, which is a patented technology that improves power and feel.

E-Force Bedlam X 150
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Key Features

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 23.5 x 12 x 2 inches; 1.2 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 97101

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 24, 2010

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ E-FORCE


In this article, we have compiled a list of the 4 best e-force racquetball racquet reviews that are currently on the market. We hope you find our reviews helpful and encourage you to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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