E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet Review January 2022

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet Review

E-force chaos racquetball racquet is perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight, fast responding racket. The E-Force Chaos Racquet has an aerodynamic design that allows the player to swing quickly and deliver shots with accuracy. Its structure helps maintain stability in your shots so you can hit hard without the worry of it bending out of shape. With its multi-stringing holes, it is easy to customize your racket and find the perfect balance between power and control. 

The E-Force Chaos Racquet also comes with a patented “chaos” grip which provides maximum comfort while you play as well as allowing better ball control on all surfaces including clay courts. This game-changing grip also reduces hand fatigue from gripping the handle too tightly.

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet Review

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet offers a unique and innovative design that is unlike any of the other racquets on the market today. It has been designed with what they call “Dynamic Traction” which gives players more stability while playing. The head size is also big enough to provide excellent control and precision, but it’s not too large for quick shots. This racquet is also adjustable so you can play at your own pace!

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

22″ Long string – A longer string length provides more power and control.
Zero Richter Tubes – Mainstrings are enclosed in 84″ of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in the handle. For a smoother feel, less shock and more power.
Bypass Stringing System – Mainstrings skip every two holes, so the ball does not strike two main strings at once; provides power and livelier ball response.
10.5″ Cross Strings – Anchored at outside edges of the frame and extending in free space through Monster String Holes for more stringbed deflection and power.
Monster String Holes: Extra-large 2.54 cm² holes allow both main and cross strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame for more stringbed deflection and power.
Lightweight, Comfortable Design: The lightest racquet in its class at just 11.22 oz (without grip) makes it easy to swing fast and generate big spin for aggressive players.
Power Zone Technology: A stiffer throat design provides a larger sweetspot with increased stability and control, while also improving power production.

Pros & Cons

Lightweight and very responsiveIt can make the game a little less a intense
Head size of 4 1/8 inches which helps with control
You’ll love the way it feels in your hands


The E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet is an excellent choice for players looking to take their game up a notch. It has the power and control you need while still being affordable which means it can be used by novice, intermediate as well as advanced players of all levels. If this sounds like your perfect racquet then I recommend checking out our blog post on what you need to know before buying a racquetball racquet. We’ve also got some great tips about How To Become A Better Player that may come in handy if you want to get more serious with your game!


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