E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet Review

E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet Review

I started playing racquetball about three years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. So when I heard that e force was releasing a new line of racquets, the Bedlam 170 lite, I knew that it would be one to watch out for. The first thing you’ll notice is how light this racquet is – with 170g of weight, it’s not going to weigh you down like some other heavier ones on the market. It has an open string pattern which means more ball contact area (hello more power) and less vibration. This makes hitting shots easier and faster because there are fewer strings in your way as well as fewer vibrations thanks to the dampening system they put in place too! Another great feature is their patented e force energy channel. This is basically a slot in the frame that adds stability and increases power on giving shots. It’s not something that you can really feel when you’re playing but it definitely helps improve ball control as well as making those ace serves and smashes so much easier too!

E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet Reviews

E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet is made with a light, balanced feel that provides power and control when needed. It has a matte black finish that gives it a sleek, stylish look. It’s a perfect choice for any player who wants to improve their game and have fun in the process!

E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet
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Key Features

  • Zero Richter Tubes X2 – The E Force Bedlam 170 Lite racquetball racquet is the first and only racquet in the world to feature Zero Richter Tubes. Experience a new level of power, control, and feel with this revolutionary technology!
  • Power Boosters – Our patented Power Boosters absorb vibrations from the frame and transfer them into faster ball speed for more powerful shots.
  • LaunchPad Technology – Our unique LaunchPad Technology allows you to hit shots that are impossible on other racquets. This technology also helps prevent wrist injuries by absorbing impact when hitting off centre.
  • By-Pass Stringing – The E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet features our proprietary By-Pass Stringing System which allows for greater string movement at impact for increased power, spin, and control.
Great for beginnersComplicated frame with tight lug pattern
Awesome price pointExcessively lower-powered stringbed
Unique design
Ease of Use


E Force Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet is a good racquet for beginners to intermediate players. It’s lightweight and has great manoeuvrability which allows you greater control over your shots. This racquet also comes with an affordable price tag making it worth trying out if you’re on a tight budget but still want quality equipment. If you are looking for something more advanced in terms of power and durability then this may not be the right choice as there are better options available that will provide higher performance levels. However, if none of those qualities matter then I would recommend giving this one a try! Especially since it includes all-around features like being lightweight, high response time, and excellent balance without breaking your bank account!


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